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AL SHINDAGHA MUSEUM – Witness the Preserved Beauty of the Past

Quiet halls, neatly hung paintings, and artefacts placed in glass cases. These three things come to your mind whenever you think of visiting a museum, right?

But Al Shindagha museum gives you an extraordinary experience that makes it more interesting from the others.

Al Shindagha museum is a world-class heritage museum and a relevant place that highlights Dubai’s historic district and vibrant past. Geographically, it’s located in the iconic Dubai Creek Area. It was built as part of an initiative to change the Creek into a cultural and a traditional hub. The well-preserved old exterior and interior will surprise you with its advanced interactive videos, touch displays, games, and rare artifacts.

The museum tells the story of how Dubai has innovated and changed throughout the years, highlighting the human innovation on trade, wealth, and success, and how all of this shapes Dubai now.

Also, you get a deeper insight into the Emirati lives in the past, how they survived living by the sea and how the pearl trade affected people’s lives. You get the chance to discover about the lives of the hardworking locals that worked all sorts of jobs, from a merchant to sailors and boat builders had their life lessons taught the hard way. But as a result, they gained and developed the skills needed to exceed in these jobs.

Interactive cinema room

Apart from touring around the museum, before you leave, don’t forget to visit the cinema room, where a movie display is played in a dark room surrounded by music, with doors opening and closing to depict the atmosphere of the old Souq and to tell a story of the Dubai’s culture. It is a truly unique experience!

Don’t worry in terms of language, the video can be viewed in both Arabic and English and repeats every 20 minutes.

The museum has more than one pavilion. Through the Dubai Creek Museum Pavilion, “The Rise of A City,” visitors can learn about the history of maritime navigation in the region and how Dubai has transformed from a simple living village dependent on fishing to an extravagant city that is highly advanced in technology.



House of Perfume

The museum also has a pavilion for the “House of Perfume.” The visitors can learn in-depth about the traditional scents used in the Emirati culture, their significant role in shaping the daily lives of the Emiratis, and the tools used in the process of making the exotic perfumes. Also, you get the chance to smell the different fragrances displayed there and look at the artifacts of the old perfume bottle collection.



Children Halls

To make the children of the sightseer’s experience more fun and beneficial, the museum offers a section for the kids, where they get the chance to enjoy interactive displays and games. The aim of this is to combine enjoyment with learning most excitingly.




Your trip to the Al Shindagha Museum will surely an exceptional one. If you’re a tourist and wants to slip a quiet moment from the busy city of Dubai for a few hours and wants to appreciate the arts and culture, this is the perfect place to spend time with your family and friends. Even locals find it very educational and a good place to celebrate their roots and heritage. From its modern and engaging atmosphere to its minimal entry cost and the Emirati guide that was offered for free to explain the different aspects of the museum. Don’t miss the chance to indulge in the enticing world of Dubai’s rich history in the most interesting way.




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