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Who We Are

Superjet Tours is one of the consolidated companies under the parent brand Superjet Group that was incorporated in 2006 based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Currently holding a prestigious trade licenses for both outbound and inbound tourism. It has been the most preferred DMC (Destination Management Company) that makes us superior on the travel industry.
Superjet Tours takes the lead and mastery on the travel business that help thousands of individuals to MEET THE WORLD.


Superjet Tours was born with its firm advocacy to MEET THE WORLD. We want to be an instrument to unite everyone with their goal destinations, to reconnect you with your families, to help every business to attain success through important trips and most importantly, Superjet wants to be a part of everyone’s milestone when achieving dream destinations.


Superjet Tours worked hard to reach its current status in the travel industry, blood and sweat are the investments we have to endure a top-grade service for our precious passengers. Superjet Tours has been a trend setter in the industry by opening countless doors of different places to see its immeasurable beauty that needs to be discovered by all the travelers around the globe.

Why we do what we do?

You’ve finally found your travel best-buddy with Superjet Tours! With our credible connections around the globe, we assure that you’ll land your foot on your dream destination safe and briskly.
Superjet Tours generates a dynamic travel structure meticulously designed for the welfare of our employees, partners and passengers. It’s the 15 years of leading the travel industry, paved the way for Superjet to open up limitless possibilities in employment, hospitality and above all, tourism.

The mileage we’re carrying in, wouldn’t be viable without the 50 + global tour operators who have been with us in this sweet journey.
Catering both leisure and corporate markets in almost two decades, we are proud to present our services, by which the reason why are we still unbeatable in the travel field.
1. Visa/documentation facility
2. Ticketing
3. Hotel bookings
4. Customized travel packages
5. Meetings, Incentives, Conference and Exhibitions (MICE)
6. Multi-lingual tour guides

We value you

Superjet spent years on improving our services to go beyond our passengers’ expectations as we value everything about you.

We value your dream

Your dream is ours too and we want you to hold our word that we will fly together in your dream destination.

We value your time

Our duty is to give you an efficient and hassle-free travel bookings that worth your time. Superjet generates a unique system that changed the game of travel industry, leaving our competitors not even close to us.

We value your money

We want you to spend your money for quality, remarkable and memorable trips by acquiring the services we have known for, because you deserve to be pampered, care of and loved. Superjet will make sure that every penny you spend with us is worthy to meet the world.