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Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion

Have you ever wondered what our planet looks like 50 years from now?

As the evolution of modern technology arises to improve human’s life quality, our environment is the first one who suffers from the pollution, global warming and wastes.

As a solution for these escalating dilemmas, another groundbreaking masterpiece was built to bring us to an immersive journey into the marvels of the world of nature through an interactive tour that delivers knowledge on how we can save the planet…while we still have time.

“Terra” which means planet earth in Latin, is one of the “Thematic Pavilions” that opened last January 22, 2021 for the much awaited Dubai Expo 2020.  A 100% self-sustaining building in the middle of a desert, showcasing a brilliantly designed infrastructure that proves that sustainability is very much achievable.

The pavilion is designed not only for its striking form but it is mainly built for a beneficial purpose, to help mother earth. Costing over 272 million USD, it draws the inspiration of the complex natural processes like photosynthesis.  The dynamic form of the pavilion is in service to its function, capturing energy from sunlight and fresh water from humid air, An intelligent process that would definitely save the planet.

Allow us to give you a glimpse of Terra Pavilion!

As we all know, Dubai never fails to amaze us with its ravishing structural design.

A massive box-shaped gate with an intricate metal design welcomes you when you arrive to the pavilion.

A group of local musicians serenades the guests with soothing Arabic music with their native instruments, showing that the advocacy of the project is also to celebrate culture and exceptional talents!

At the background, a giant solar canopy on top of the pavilion with over a thousand solar panels and 18 energy trees in the gardens rotating to follow the path of the sun.

The pavilion has more than 1,050 solar panels, arranged on the 130 meters wide canopy (just imagine the size of five whales lined up) and the locally-designed “energy trees” that dot the landscape and rotate to face the sun, like a sunflower. They produce four gigawatt hours per year of electricity — enough for an SUV car to drive halfway to Mars. They also have the capacity to charge 890,000 mobile phones!

Following the safety protocols, Sanitizing stations are everywhere inside and outside the pavilion.

The Terra Sustainability Pavilion prepared recreational games for the kids (and also for kid’s at heart) to easily understand what are the consequences if we fail to save the planet and how it affects humanity, through specially built machine games!  

Dive into the deepest part of the ocean through this mesmerizing tunnel that leads you to the wonders of the sea. You’ll be able to meet some of the sea creatures and their role to keep up the balance of nature.

Wander in the middle of the forest and see how it gradually losing its beauty through the years with cinematic walls and ceilings for a great visualization and experience.

After the entire tour, a relaxing cafeteria awaits you, all the food and beverage were sustainably sourced and packed, and even from eating inside the pavilion, you’ll be able to learn where the food comes from and how it affects the environment.

To sum up your Terra Pavilion journey, it tackles about the various challenges we’re facing today, such as loss of biodiversity, climate change, mass extinction of species and many more. These are complex issues but these are illustrated through immersive experiences. The idea is to teach visitors how to make a difference in today’s world by making simple lifestyle changes.

We still have time to change our ways to protect the planet, Let’s make a positive impact, and time to give back to the nature who feeds and sheltered us… it’s now or never. Together we step into the future and give the next generation a healthy planet that we almost lost.

Booking for the Terra Sustainability Pavilion is now open and costs AED 25. The experience will run five days a week, from Tuesday-Thursday 15:00-21:00 and Friday-Saturday 16:00-22:00.

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