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Camel, palm and sand. These three things pop up in our heads whenever we think of Dubai, isn’t? from a city having an 80% of desert in total land area, Dubai strategically built here their hundreds of skyscrapers, theme & water parks and malls who are now reigning in terms of scale and popularity around the globe. These mega infrastructures are resting their feet to the most precious gift of nature to Dubai—SAND.  

Apart from roaming around to the city through shopping, eating in lavish dining, a trip to Dubai wouldn’t be complete without a personal encounter with its famous deserts, but the city makes sure that it wouldn’t be boring as you think, because thrilling adventure awaits you from the moment they pick you from your hotel with a 4WD Landcruiser!

A comfortable 30-minute travel from Dubai to Sharjah where the Desert Safari is located, an English speaking driver is on board alongside with your city tour guide which explains every landmark you’ll be passing by the road. You’ll see the beautiful transition of a lively and busy city towards a calm and hushed desert, that makes you realize that the city is grateful to preserve its inherent beauty despite of vast progress.

Encounter with the camels and falcons

Back in the day, camels are the primary source of transportation in the desert, being useful to the livelihood of the Bedouins (ethnic group of nomadic Arabs who have historically inhabited the desert regions) they also give entertainment to the desert people through camel racing, in which the safari wants us to experience the “authentic desert life” by riding them in the middle of the desert! Camel trekking is one of the best parts of your desert visit as you can finally experience the actual desert life! Aside from camels, falcons also played a big part in the life of the Bedouins in food hunting that’s why it became a cultural icon that being seen in local currency, street signs and in the national emblem of the UAE. Tourists can get great photo opportunities holding the falcon on the glove to capture the fun experience. Traditional falconry shows are also available if you wish to see more of falcon exhibitions.

Sand activities


Dune bashing is one of the sought-after sand activities in Dubai, experience the nerve- wracking ride in the vast stretched golden desert and prepare to scream at the top of your lungs! tighten up your seatbelts and get ready to face the steep hills of rustic sand from great heights. This rough ride will certainly mark an indelible memory of your visit!

Get to learn and practice the art of sand-boarding and let the desert be your own playground!  Sandboarding allows you to race with your fellow adventurers and friends down the granular landscapes of the region. A four-wheeled  fun experience is also waiting for you through Quad biking! It ups the adventure quotient of Dubai desert safaris with a fierce ride in the great desert, overlooking the awesome Dubai skyline.

Dinner with an authentic taste of Dubai

 Dubai Safari is also a place where you can find salivating dishes that takes a big part of the history and rich culture of the city. Arabic BBQ and international buffet is served that vegetarians and non-vegetarians will surely enjoy! The wide range of food from different salads, pasta, bread, fruits and drooling desserts like baklava and umm-ali are also present in the buffet table.

The showstoppers

The time has come for the ultimate entertainment! A couple of acts are lined up to showcase the arts that have been part of the culture of the city. 

Tanoura dance show is originated from Egypt and has been a favorite show of the tourist in the city. An endless whirling movements that usually performed by a male dancer with the colorful skirts spinning above their head that definitely captures your attention. The night gets warmer as the fire dance show sets the stage literally…on fire! The performer will create fiery imagery with stylish movements. It usually consists of different techniques like fire breathing, fire eating, and fire twirling. Hold up for the finale, as the belly dance show cops off the night, Belly dance is a name that is closely connected to the Arabic culture. Being originated in Egypt, it became a famous dance form in Arabian countries. It is performed by a woman who demonstrates complex movements with her hips. The skilled dancers add more color to it by using some amazing props.

As we imprint our footsteps to a new place, we connect ourselves to its people, history and culture, and this connection gives us a deeper understanding about the place we’re visiting. Desert Safari is not only offering an entertainment to its visitors, but also educating us who is Dubai before the whole world met him? What makes it different to others? why is it worthy to visit for? All these questions will have its answers after your Desert Safari experience happened.

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