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World’s Biggest Frame – An Astonishing View of Dubai’s Evolution.

From a dull sun, sand and sea, Dubai has become the outmost travel destination in the middle east because of its futuristic landscape that brought massive recognition and world breaking records that attracts millions of wanderers all over the globe.

The city that we can say “the land of superlatives” never fails to amaze us from creating mega infrastructures, not only for an orgasmic view, but also serves as a viable tool that benefits the whole city and its people.

One of the Dubai’s magnificent creations is another state of the art project that gives us an entire view of how the city keeps on evolving, a perfect view of the past and present.

Dubai gave birth to another major landmark last 2018, a building that looks like a picture frame with its gold-plated exterior that shimmers in the middle of the city. The structure is a colossal rectangular picture frame, with two towers of 93 meters wide and 152 meters height straddling an enormous 100 square meter bridge that forms the top of the picture frame.

Here’s a quick virtual journey for you inside the Dubai Frame

Mezzanine Level –   Let’s travel back time and see what Dubai looks like from the past! Mezzanine Level serves as your welcoming committee when you visit Dubai Frame as it shows you the old face of Dubai.  It showcases fascinating detail of how the locals deal with their daily living before the oil was discovered. Get amazed with compelling visual and sound effects that helps every visitor not only to see, but also feel the ambiance of Dubai’s exciting culture and rich history.

Panoramic Elevator – After the Mezzanine Museum level, you’ll ride the panoramic elevator that shows the landscape of the city. If you’re facing North, you’ll see the old Dubai with it’s enchanting well-preserved buildings and parks, and if when you face the South, your jaw might drop seeing the city’s holistic transformation through the newly built buildings and of course, the famous skyscrapers.

Sky Deck Level – “Best views usually seen at the top”, they must say. The sky deck level is the highlight of your Dubai Frame’s visit, and it won’t fail you to see Dubai on its full glory. It allows you to have a glimpse of the old and the modern Dubai. Enjoy the magnificent 3D views of the city’s famous landmarks and listen to the audio presentation that tells interesting facts that helps you to understand the backstory of every landmarks.

NORTH VIEW – Dubai Frame were built in a perfect location in between the the old and modern Dubai. In this side of the sky deck, you’ll witness how pristine the old parts of city despite of its age.

SOUTH VIEW – On this other side of sky deck, you are able to see the modern face of the city. Countless of enormous buildings soaring above the clouds and an aerial view of peaceful yet busy city in picturesque landscape that undoubtedly deserve the title of “The Grandest City” in the world.

GLASS FLOOR –  Conquer your fear and take a walk on a 150 metre high glass floor that is 48 floors above the ground.

Vortex Tunnel ­– After your Sky Deck tour, you’ll be proceeded to Vortex Tunnel that designed to show how you can travel back in time from the past to future. It seems like that you’re in time travel capsule glass and the screened walls is a big cinema house that shows augmented reality (AR)

The last and one of the exciting part of the tour is SHOPPING! After your walk inside the futuristic tunnel, you can buy the official Dubai Frame memorabilia that makes you not forget the fun experience you had.

In accordance of the city’s safety protocol, Sanitizing areas are very much available inside the Dubai Frame. Social distancing is also implemented inside and there’s also a limit of visitors allowed. So, don’t worry about your safety, Dubai Frame has prepared its precautionary measures that makes you feel at ease while enjoying your visit.

Superjet Tours will be happy to be part of your Dubai Frame tour together with other iconic spots around the city. Fly with us and meet Dubai Frame and the rest of the landmarks of the world! 


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